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Released on Kindle: Mid 2011
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Wombat and Badger Publishing

An Australian man, his American born wife and four cats come to Salem, Oregon to start a new life.

After a bumpy start, a job at the State Agency Mail Service seems to be the answer to his prayers.

He trusted them. They were helpful. They were people he should have been able to trust.

His wife didn't trust them from the start! Why didn't he listen?

Was he too naive or just blinded in the desire to share the American Dream?

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Occupy to the extreme written 3 years
Before Occupy Wall Street happened.

Two very different men, two different ideologies and the clash of monumental events that threaten both of them.

David Harris, a Lieutenant in the Oregon Army National Guard and wealthy part time law student, he doesn't need to work. He's ambitious and has no doubts he'll succeed. His desire to excel may include the Governor's mansion someday.

Gregory Freddington, a Project Manager with the State of Oregon, is also a part time law student. His life was as different as his philosophy. He has worked hard for all he has. He started young as an electrician, studied to become a project manager for the State of Oregon. Now he wants to become a lawyer to help those in need.

"They donít realize what they have started. Even the most loyal dog will bite, if you kick it often enough and we are way past often enough!" - Gregory Freddington

Only Kindle copies are avaliable from Wombat and Badger at present.
Second hand copies are sometimes avaliable on Amazon.