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Hi There, or G/Day to my Australian fans,

Let me introduce myself, I'm Tiger, "Spokescat" for Auster Railer. I've been asked to say a few words because Auster is a little shy!

Auster likes to think he owns me, but really, who gets up in the morning to get the cat treats for whom?

To tell you about Auster, I need to tell you a little about my story and how Auster came into my life.


I was happily living in Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon with my Mom and sister Destiny. Mom and Auster met online, before it was fashionable, back in 1999. Although I didn't know it then, change was coming.

The year 2000 didn't bring the expected massive problems because of the "Y2K" computer bug but, it did bring a wedding. Our family of three expanded to include Auster and not only two other "Aussie cat sisters" but a big "stinky dog" called Forrest as well.

Just about everybody has laughed at the antics of one of TVs most famous blended families, the Brady Bunch, but blending our family was no laughing matter.

My home was torn apart as things were packed to be sent to Australia, but worse was still to come.

After being caged forever, and flying across the Pacific Ocean, Destiny, and I arrived in Australia only to be sent to do hard time in "Pussy Cat Jail". The sign said Australian Quarantine Station, Spotswood, Victoria, Australia but it was a jail. The U.S. Government does provide support and assistance to American citizens in trouble overseas, but there was no Consular visit or assistance for us.

Mom and Auster visited us in jail, but it was two months before we were paroled to go to our new home on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne the State Capitol. I wondered what sort of country this was that treated immigrant cats so harshly?

Some will know of a movie personality that irritated his friends by continually asking "Are we there yet?" but I meowed that phrase so often on the car ride home that my voice became hoarse. I even tried my "big eyed kitty look" hoping to get out of that cage, or sympathy at least, but Mom and Auster just drove us towards our new home.

No matter what happens, just when you don't think things can get worse, life can surprise you and it does. Destiny and I arrived at our new home only to meet our new sister cats for the first time. Sarah the older cat and I would become very close, but even today my new sister Sophie still makes my life unpleasant. I want to make it clear that if anybody was calling us the "Catty Bunch" it would have been because Sophie was being so catty all the time, because we didn't recognize her as the queen she believed she was.

After living on the Mornington Peninsula for five years, where Auster had been born and grown up, more change was coming. Auster had spent his working life with one of Australia's largest retailers before moving to a major food production company. Auster's job in Australia was ending so Mom and Auster made the decision to move to Salem, Oregon where Mom had spent a lot of time growing up.

Once again our home was torn apart and my sisters and I were caged up and sent back across the Pacific by plane to the "Good Old U.S. of A!" Forrest stayed behind with Uncle Ken because he was getting old and had lost his hearing. That was our only lucky break on the trip back. If I'd been caged up all that time in "Last Class" in the aircraft hold with "Stinky Dog" all the way across the Pacific, it would have been just too much!

We were sent to "Cat Jail" when we returned to the U.S. but this was because it would be over a month before Mom and Auster arrived to set up our new home in Salem, Oregon. If a cat has to go to jail, this was the place to be. We were in cages, but we had playtime and were pampered, so it wasn't too bad. I've heard our prison was the cat equivalent of a "White Collar Country Club". I don't know what that is, but I assume that it is something to do with the collars and bells we had wear in Australia.

It was May, 2006 and we were in our current home in Salem. Things seemed to be settling down, but the "cruel paw of fate" struck again in January 2008. Auster became unemployed for the first time in his life, and although Mom and Auster were concerned, I thought it was fantastic. More cat treats and more pampering were not difficult to take at all.

All the way through his working life, Auster had always worked fairly long hours and is someone who needs to be doing something. Auster found he had time on his hands that looking for work didn't exhaust so he began to looking into a dream he had for years, that was to start writing.

Auster didn't know how to go about starting, but believed with the "Idiot's or Dummies Guides" to doing just about everything, if there was one about writing a novel, then he was that Idiot or Dummy!

Auster read some books about writing and also received some encouragement from the author Frank Romano Storm over Morocco - Published by: World Audience Inc. who he met in a Salem book store after, he had completed a book signing.

In June 2008, Auster began writing the novel Personal Greed: The True Enemy. With the help of many people including family friend Garry, the first copies were printed in and sold in November 2009.

Auster has a number of other projects underway. Fiction set mainly in Salem, Oregon. Auster's choice of subjects, political, legal and military drama, was influenced by a desire to learn more about his new homeland.

The next project, Oregon State Mail: Special Delivery, is about an Australian immigrant working toward gaining his U.S. citizenship.

While I've been helping Auster with his writing, I have looked over the draft of Oregon State Mail: Special Delivery. I have to say it does look a little autobiographical to me. I'll have to wait until it's finished before I can be sure.

Future projects involve fictitious future governors of Oregon, one with an imaginary friend helping to govern the state. I'm sure he said it was fictitious!


I have allowed myself to be used as a character in two of his books. I'm the only true character he has used.

All other characters come from his imagination. Friends, family and people around him may, contribute characteristics that become the composite characters in his stories.

If you will excuse me, I'll go back to helping with the next project. Don't bother me, unless you have cat treats!

Yours truly, Tiger.